About Natural Signature

There is a story lies in every tree. Every wood grain is a unique trace of life. Regardless of its lightness or darkness of colour, straight or winding in shape, they witness the wind and rain, the ups and downs that a tree had been through. They depict the spectrum of the sunlight and the symphony of the birds’ twitter.

每一棵树,都有一个属于自己的故事。 每一道木纹,都是独一无二的生命痕迹;深深浅浅,曲曲折折,记载着风风雨雨,刻画着阳光的色谱与群鸟吟唱的乐谱。


Natural Signature treats every piece of the material nurtured in the tropical forests carefully by preserving the natural elements of them and cherishes the story that every wood grain tells.



We respect the Nature and what she bestows us. Natural Signature emphasizes on the practicality of the furniture and ensures all the natural resources had been made good use of from multiple perspectives.



When it comes from vast nature to urban city where every inch of land counts, the limitation of the space inevitably brings many challenges. Nevertheless, Natural Signature replaces compromise with flexibility and overcomes the space limitation with unlimited collocations. What’s even more, Natural Signature allows the matching of colours at your preference with showcasing your unique taste.

当从天大地大的自然走入寸金尺土的城市生活,空间的种种局限形成各种挑战。 在设计方面,《自然木语》以灵巧变通来取代妥协磨合,以自由组合来应对环境严苛需求,甚至色彩也可随心所欲地搭配,彰显您的独特品味。


To make assembly easier, Natural Signature also uses ingenuity in the details by eliminating the needs to open your tool box to assemble the furniture at home. Natural Signature would like to invite you to listens to the story of the Nature, are you ready?

为了方便组装,《自然木语》特别在细节上添加了一些小心思,让您无须打开工具箱,亦可在家轻松完成一件家具。《自然木语》。 邀请您来聆听大自然的故事,您准备好了吗?

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