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Board games generally refer to games that are played on a table. Games such as Chinese chess (Xiangqi) and Snakes and Ladders, which we have been very familiar with, are all belong to board games. Nonetheless, the board games we have been introducing originate from Germany that are devised after a meticulous process of logical reasoning and delicate calculation.


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There are approximately a thousand of new board games release each year around the world, varying according to different age groups, number of players, categories and ways to play. Some are suitable for children learning, some foster parent-child interaction, some help teenagers in learning social skills, some are ideal pastimes for office workers, and some enable seniors to exercise their minds. We believe there must be something suits you!


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In addition to adding more fun to life, there is a more valuable advantage that board games can bring: they make people put down their phones. They even help to build relationships by promoting interactions among family members and friends, provide logic training, let children practice colour recognition, build teamwork, develop communication skills, improve patience and concentration and cultivate cognitive diversity. They are also an important tool and medium that enable the children to learn happily and strengthen family harmony.


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Artspace will continue to bring more excellent selected board games to you. Wait no more and get the most out of the designers’ masterpiece. 

Art Space 将会不间断的为大家精心挑选出各式经典的桌游。每一种游戏都经过特别的设计,等待您来细细品尝设计师的用心与创作。

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