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0088 Personalized Twin Speaker 客制化激光雕刻~环保扩音器(双头)

RM 99.00
0088 Personalized Twin Speaker 客制化激光雕刻~环保扩音器(双头) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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• Solid Wood Speaker Custom Laser Engraving
• Match with text and pictures that are proprietary to you , Unique and Unrepeatable.

About Personalization关于客制化激光雕刻
• Please let us know the font style and text in the message box or WhatsApp us (Max 1 image + 30 character). 请告知所需字型及文字(最多1张照片及30个英文字母或10个中文字)。

•  The photos to be engraved will be converted into sketch form by the software, please understand that it will be a little different from the original photo. You can also upload sketch photos directly. 需要雕刻的照片会被转换成素描形式,与原照片略有不同,敬请谅解。您也可以直接上传素描照片。

Engraved size雕刻面积:below 50 x 60mm

What’s in the box 箱子里有什么:
1x 0088 Personalized Twin Speaker 客制化激光雕刻~环保扩音器(双头)

Product Size  ( L x D/W x H x T )
产品尺寸(长 x 宽 x 高)
200 x 100 x 100 mm
Product Weight
1.15 kg
Solid rubber wood with natural wood knot 橡胶实木带天然木结疤
Wood Color
Raw Natural 原木色
Natural signature / Art Space
Country Origin
Made in Malaysia, Export Quality

About Product 关于产品
•  The inspiration of Twin Speaker is drawn from the eyes of E.T.
•  Amplify sound naturally.
•  Unique design that allows to use and charge the mobile phone at the same time.
•  Made of 100% Malaysian natural rubber wood, the eco-friendly speakers deliver a more natural sound because of their wood material.
•  Cableless wooden speakers which allow you to use wherever and whenever you want.
•  The natural wood grain makes them stand out and give a unique look.
•  In addition to playing music, they can also function as sound amplifier and reception for the elderly to talk on the phone.
•  Available for mobile phone with width less than 80 or 90mm. The speaker of the device should be at the bottom or upper edge.

Brand Features 品牌特征 : 

99% Solid Wood 99% 橡胶实木
- We preserve all natural wood knots and other natural elements in our rubber wood furniture.

Safety First 安全、安心
- Level of formaldehyde & coat content meet the strict requirements of world’s safety standard.
- 甲醛与油漆成分国际检测合格,为安全、安心使用的家具品质。

Environmentally Friendly 绿色环保家具
- We ensure our products can also be referred to as "green furniture" by making them ready-to-use with their natural coating. Very minimal adjustments are done to upkeep a high utilisation ratio.
- 原木色表面处理保留原生形态(原木纹路与结疤), 用材率高, 是非常环保与安全的“绿色家具”。

User Friendly & Easy Set Up 人性化设计、安装简易
- Suitable for limited space. Flexible and can be placed and utilized in various ways according to space and needs. Easy to assemble, dismantle and re-assemble.
- 具机动性、灵活摆设与运用。容易组装,容易拆卸再组装。

DIY, CIY & PIY 自己动手、自行创作、乐在木中
- From DIY to CIY to PIY, all our products can sustain paints and stains efficiently, making them easily customized and personalised to be exclusively yours.
从DIY到CIY到PIY, 可根据装潢自行上色,打造属于自己个性化的家具。

Value For Money 性价比高的实木家具
- Cost-effective, customers have more budget allocation for furniture.
- 性价比高,时尚又经济,客户有更灵活的家具采购预算。

Registered Design 专利设计
- Most of our design are protected under our exclusive patent.
- 出口国际品牌与品质,且为原创兼专利设计。

Flat Packing 平整包装
- We fully utilise space in our packing format to reduce transportation costs. Most of our products can be carried in your own personal vehicle.
- 包装平板化,高效利用空间,降低运输成本(大部分产品自家车子也可以载送)。

►► Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product. Due to differences in monitors, colours of products may also appear different to those shown on the site.  因荧幕解析度与色调的不同,商品颜色看起来与实品会有些许的差距。

►► Our wooden products are sanding manually, which may result in 0.5-1mm difference of the thickness / slight roughness or minor defects. However, these natural elements will not affect the products’ function. 

►► Warranty : Item comes with manufacturer defect warranty (i.e affect products’ function). Please contact customer service for more details. 

►► Remarks : Display items are not included. 备注:不包含饰品。

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